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Ayodhaya Temple Rebuilding: Posted in September 2005

The possibility of a Ram Mandir being constructed at the Ramjanmabhoomi is in the Surya Mahadasha of India's Chart which starts from 10-09-2009. The chances
are more in Jupiter Antar dasha of Surya Mahadasha which puts it roughly between Sept 2011 to 2012.

The impediments to the making of the temple can be removed by chanting the Aditya Hridyam Stotra by all those involved in making of the temple. Take Guru's blessings and use a proper Muhurta before commencing the task.

Be prepared for court's interruptions which will be overcome as Jupiter is in vipreet raja yoga. Rahu-Ketu axis will be afflicting Rohini nakshatra and both shall be debilitated.  Do not react and do not indulge in violence. This way the temple would come up. These are solely our views on this topic.


There will be important infrastructural developments and progress, especially in the area of transport (roads, etc), from year 2009 in India.


Sourav Ganguly's Comeback : Posted on March 6, 2006

Sourav Ganguly is considered by many as one of the greatest captains of the Indian Cricket Team. Coming from Bengal, he influenced the careers of many promising young cricketers in divergent ways. Citing attitudinal and fitness problems, the now coach Greg Chappel, has removed Sourav Ganguly from the team. At one of the yahoo groups, the question was asked whether he would make a comeback into the National side.


Sourav Ganguly

8 July 1972

08:30 HRS, Calcutta


Look at the position of Mercury from the Dasha lord (6-8) plus its position with the Lagna. Next 2 1/2 years he will have Shani transiting the 4th house from the Moon. He is going to be thinking of changing profession and will have many thoughts regarding this. He may start something half heartedly and then, start something else.


If the Mahadasha Lord and Antara Dasha lord are in 6-8 position, it is not going to bring the desired results. Mercury is further aspected by Saturn and it is with Mars. Mercury considers both as enemies. Further, the nodes are present in the same 6-12 axis.

Jupiter represents a teacher or a coach. Why has Sourav Ganguly suffered at the hands of a coach, especially when, Jupiter is good in his chart? Jupiter is the 5th lord but is also the 8th lord from the 10th.

Now if you consider the above, He is likely to be successful in Media and as a TV Analyst or as a Coach himself. Competitive cricket does not look likely in the Jupiter-Mercury dasha (11-07-2007 to 15-10-2009).

Given the 7th house logic, Saturn is aspecting the 7th house from the 10th, yet the fall. It must be understood that Saturn stands for sincerity, hard work, sensitivity, democracy and empathy. If these qualities are missing in an individual, it will bring fall., All rights reserved

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