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Mantra and Yantra and how they act

by Anuj Bahl


Mantras are used to invoke natural forces and processes. The mantra is made up a collection of root sounds. Sanskrit identifies the root sounds of the natural forces. The mantra uses these sounds to invoke the natural force.

Yantras are formed out of certain geometrical figures like dot, triangle etc. they serve as means of concentration. It is recognized that concentration of mind is multiplication of mental faculty and addition of mental powers, while, dissipation of mental energy is waste of energy and is an invitation to disease.

Yantra and Mantra are techniques designed for using the natural powers to heal and leading to understanding of oneself.


Yantra: A Tantra Way

Tantra, the word, means to expand. Tantric techniques are designed for this purpose. Expansion of self to encompass the entirety is Tantra. It is more of a discovery of Self (the Reality) rather than an “expansion”. The term expansion is used more to signify the removal of self imposed limitations on one’s personality.

Yantra is a representation of the Reality. It represents the Truth and not notional Reality. It represents the Reality in a geometrical form like dot line, triangle etc. Yantra is a means to realize the pair of opposites like happiness–sorrow; light-dark, etc. are one. People use it to contemplate on the Truth.

Form is used by Yantra to explain the formless, just as words are used to explain the Reality beyond words or, as a tree branch to convey the location of the moon when it is rising. This is similar to the form of lingam, yoni, yin-yang, etc. to explain the Reality.

Yantra is a storehouse of energy or a symbolic representation of the cosmic energy underlying all objects of. It can be used by people for their pursuits – be it spiritual or materialistic.


Symbolic meaning of Yantra

The macrocosm and the microcosm are the same and they are represented by five gross elements (Panch Mahabuta). In Yantra, these forces are symbolized in a figurative manner. So by concentration on it, one can establish harmony between the microcosm and macrocosm.

The geometrical figures, form, which Yantra is composed, are dot, Triangle, circle, square etc.



Bindu is represented by dot. A dot can create limitless shapes and sizes. It is considered as Shiva or limitless Reality and Power.


Triangles: Trikona

Triangle is an emblem of Shakti.  Yoni or the female reproductive organ is represented thus. There are two types of triangle in Yantra.

One triangle is with base below and apex pointing up, and the other, is with its base on top and apex pointing downwards. The triangle with apex upward shows the way of sublimation. Among the five elements, it represents the fiery elements or Agnitattva. The fire has a tendency to go upward. This triangle is also known as Shiva kona.

The triangle with apex downward represents the water elements or Apa tattva. The tendency of water is to go downward which philosophically represents the tendency towards gross manifestation. This type of triangle is known as Shakti kona.

From the combination of these two triangles arises a figure of Satkona or the star. This figure symbolically represents the union of purursa-prakriti or Shiva Shakti, without which the creation cannot take place. So Satkona is a symbolic representation of the creation of universe.



Circle represents rotation, motion and repetition. It also symbolically presents the air elements or vayu tattva.


Square: Bhupura

Square is drawn at the outer most limit of the Yantra. It symbolically represents the grossness, which is the quality of the earth elements or the prithvi-tattva. This figure in Yantra is known as Bhupura. Every Yantra starts Bindu or dot and ends into square or Bhupura. This shows the process change from subtle to gross.

The practitioner of Yantra, uses the bindu as the source of energy, and the triangles as the way of creating continuously (through usage of Circle outside of the triangles) and helping it manifest in gross or perceivable form (through use of Square). In this way the Yantra, uses the power and energy of the underlying Reality, and symbolically channelizes it to fulfill both spiritual and material desires.



The matter that we see including rocks, trees and human bodies, is nothing but energy but vibrating so quickly that its frequency is missed by the eyes and the matter appears so. Actually matter does not exist. We only perceive it. Energy exists.

This energy that is vibrating at a particular frequency has a sound associated with it. This sound is called the root sound or bija akshara. These root sounds make up the mantras and they directly invoke the energy from the nature. Words used in the mantras are used to direct the energy to a given desire, be it material or spiritual.