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Why are planets beyond Saturn not represented in the Navagraha?
It is anybody’s guess. Whether these outer planets were not discovered or their effects have been incorporated through use of sub planets in Vedic Astrology, could be the possible reasons for them not represented in the Navagraha.

There seems to be proof that the ancient Vedic Astrologers were aware of these planets. Some authors claim that the sage Ved Vyasa was aware of the  planets beyond Saturn and had given the positions of the planets at the time of Mahabharata. He had also given the position of some planets that are yet to be discovered. The positions that he had given at the time of Mahabharata, were found to be that of Uranus and Neptune, if we were to work their position backwards from now.


The level of research is low in this area and it is a potential area to be researched upon.


However, there is one more important aspect of this discussion. The grahas are not the same as planets. A graha is that which “pulls or seizes” under its control. It is possible that the outer planets were found not to exert the kind of seizure as the planets till Saturn did and therefore, they were rejected.


Another thinking suggests that the so called Uranus's nature is already incorporated, as the results of Rahu are very similar to it. Similarly, Ketu looks similar to Neptune's nature. 


Only the grahas have a role in the Dasha system. Even an attempt to tamper with the dashas by including anything new will lead to a breakdown of the system of Vedic astrology.


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