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To explain astrology we have created questions and answers such that Astrology can be better understood.


Is Astrology a science or not?

Yes it is. Science studies causes and effects and so does astrology. Scientific models are made into laws upon finding that they are replicable. As Astrology deals with a human being and as the element of human choice is free from cause and effect, the laws of astrology arenít always replicable.

In no ways does that suggest that Astrology isnít a Science as it knows its limitations. In all other respects, it follows the scientific way of thinking. It takes precise measurements of energy and measures their likely effect on an individual. All the calculations in the natal chart are based on Astronomy. For further reading please read the article Scientific View of Astrology.


How important is it to be intuitive for an astrologer if it is a science?

Intuition is an insight or cognition without the accompanying rational processes. Astrologers use intuition only to determine how the energies change in their effects upon exercise of human choice.


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