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How do planets affect human lives?
Any event on Earth is caused by some force or energy. The primary sources of energy are Sun and also the gravitational force among the planets, besides other cosmic forces.

These energies either directly dictate or through their transformation into secondary sources dictate the events in human lives. To say, that planets have nothing to do with human lives is like saying our lives will not change whether Sun is there or not.

Are human beings bound by the course of planets?
They are bound only to the extent of their body and blood relations. One cannot change one’s father or mother. To say their whole lives are bound, would be incorrect. Human beings have the choice to be bound by the events or situations caused by the course of the planets. In other words, the events or situations that you may come across in life is bound to the course of the planet, but, whether you choose to react to it or not is totally a matter of your choice.


Are the Sun and Moon planets? Does the word “grah” means planets?
Sun is a luminary and Moon is considered the same, as it is a powerful reflector. The word “Grah” means “to seize”. They try to seize your mind and make it do things that they want done. Most of us succumb to them.

Sometimes, the extent of their seizure is so high that wouldn’t let a person go to an astrologer or counselor to seek help. In some cases, it is seen, that the person wouldn’t listen to the counsel and will be governed by the planet itself.

An introspective and an aware person can avert the planets seizure impact.

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