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The Consult Vedic Astrologer through Chat Includes:

Answering your questions

Remedial Measures and Loads of valuable advice on precautions

Chatting using MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, you can choose to discuss the matter directly with our Vedic Astrologer.

Your horoscope will be made by our Vedic Astrologer while you are chatting and it will be available for analysis soon after. You can ask as many queries as you may want for the period of one hour.

In case of connection breakage or any other difficulty, the conversation will continue, the next time, when both you and our Vedic Astrologer are online.

The most simple, direct way with loads of benefit.

The horoscope is analyzed by the Vedic Astrologer before the report is prepared. This way you get highly personalized service.

Yantra, mantra, and gemstones are prescribed as remedial measures. It is believed that they help in protecting the native from financial losses and giving strength and hope in case of crisis.

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Customer Speak:

 "...I am a Christian guy from ancient orthodox family in Kerala and not having any belief in Horoscope, but your advice has changed everything"......... P. B. Varghese

"...helped to save my son from two life-threatening incidents"....M. H. Hira

"...When it comes to your astrological prowess, you are outstanding" .....Pankaj Kundra

"It's amazing how you describe exactly what has been, is going on in my life so exactly correct." ..... Name Withheld

"The chanting is helping me very much as is using my common sense instead of my emotions. The law suit came about exactly as you described in the land and property report." ...... Name Withheld

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   Price: Rs. 2000 for one hour of 

                      online consultancy

             Approx US $ 50


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