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The Marriage Vedic Astrology Predictions and Analysis Includes:

General character and mental make up,  Physical and Sexual compatibility, Are you fortunate for each other?, Domestic Situation, Mutual Attraction, Intellectual and Emotional compatibility, Affairs, Second marriages, and Divorce, What will the spouse's likely work area, Love marriage or Arranged Marriage, Remedial Measures and Loads of valuable advice on precautions


These readings are applicable to those who are already married.

We give you readings on the likely physical appearance, personality, mental tendencies, kind of work and family your present partner has.

The readings will comment upon the likely domestic situation after marriage, and any problems associated with Childbirth. We will check if you are fortunate for each other and likely to build the relationship happily or not. Second marriages, divorces, affairs are also checked for and their prevention is suggested upon. 

This report in many cases have helped the partners understand each other and lead a happy married life avoiding disaster.

The report covers remedial measures in detail and recommends Gemstones.

The horoscope is analyzed by the Vedic Astrologer before the report is prepared. This way you get highly personalized service.


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Customer Speak:

 "...I am a Christian guy from ancient orthodox family in Kerala and not having any belief in Horoscope, but your advice has changed everything"......... P. B. Varghese

"...helped to save my son from two life-threatening incidents"....M. H. Hira

"...When it comes to your astrological prowess, you are outstanding" .....Pankaj Kundra

"It's amazing how you describe exactly what has been, is going on in my life so exactly correct." ..... Name Withheld

"The chanting is helping me very much as is using my common sense instead of my emotions. The law suit came about exactly as you described in the land and property report." ...... Name Withheld

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