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Varshaphal is a method of prediction based on Solar Return. In Varshaphal (Annual or Year report), one year is taken from birthday in one year to birthday in the second year.


There are four reports available:

Annual Career Predictions

Predictions for career, career changes, business, business successes and failures with remedies for the year

Annual Health Predictions

Predictions and remedies for current and possible future health problems for the year

Annual Wealth Predictions

Predictions regarding wealth, finance, income and remedies to ward off problems for the yearS

Annual Love and Romance Predictions

Implications to Love and Romance in each of the sub periods of the year


Customer Speak:

 "...I am a Christian guy from ancient orthodox family in Kerala and not having any belief in Horoscope, but your advice has changed everything".........

"...helped to save my son from two life-threatening incidents"....

"It's amazing how you describe exactly what has been, is going on in my life so exactly correct." .....

"The chanting is helping me very much as is using my common sense instead of my emotions. The law suit came about exactly as you described in the land and property report." ......

"If not for you, I probably could never have walked. ....

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Price: Rs. 1,100 (approx US $28) each