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Gemstones: their influence, uses and how to wear them


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What are Gemstones?

The condensation and crystallization of minerals produced colorful rocky crystals known as gems. All gems, with the exception of coral and pears, are the finest consolidation of minerals that were formed due to extreme heat and pressure inside Earth. Gems are highly sensitive and radioactive. They absorb and transmit energy as frequencies because they are composed of minerals that emit electrical charges in increased pressure, that radiate in low heat, and that glow from inside in the ultraviolet light.


How do they influence?

The electromagnetic field of the Gems influence the wearer. The density of the gems make them absorb and reflect energy much more than what perhaps plain glass will. They influence through electrical impulses generated by them and also through reflection and absorption of energy and creating a aura of energy. The vital life or the Pranic force of an individual is influenced by the Gemstone.


Usage in Remedial Measures

It is important not to wear certain gemstones without astrological considerations. Blue Sapphire is known to bring devastation to the wearer to whom it does not suit well.

Gemstones should be used with an element of caution and instructions from an experienced astrologer would help in a long way to be safe with a gemstone.

Gemstone's effect on an individual varies with time. A gemstone that greatly benefits the wearer in certain periods may not bring similar results in other periods.


Rules and Rituals for wearing Gemstones

Rituals, size of gemstone, and when to wear. Click below for each gemstone: