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Matchmaking of Charts? Choose this for checking the compatibility of male and female horoscopes for purposes of marriage


Analysis for a Couple? Choose this option if you are already together but are still unmarried and would like to see the future of your relationship


Are we attracted to each other? - Choose this option if you need to check if you and your likely partner are physically attracted towards each other


Do we have a problem of Mars in our charts?  Choose this if you want to check only whether there is Mangal dos ha (problems caused by a malefic Mars) in your charts. This is a part of the matchmaking of charts and it is suggested that you choose the top most option here for a comprehensive check


How is our married life?  Choose this if you want to check how your married life is and what the possible challenges/problems you are facing there and for finding out remedies for the same


Children and their future from your chart:  Choose this only if you do not have children yet and want to know about your future children. If you already have children then it is better to ask questions about them here or get their charts made separately.






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